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Protection of personal data is the basic policy of our company. Even before any legal regulation, Modern Medya Group and Brands attached great importance to the privacy of personal data, adopted this as a working principle and gave working instructions to its employees in line with this principle. We, as “Modern Medya Group and Brands”, undertake to comply with all the responsibilities brought by the Personal Data Protection Law.

Necessary security measures have been taken on the websites of Modern Medya Group and Brands in order to prevent the misuse, loss and alteration of the information under our control. Your information is stored in a database in a secure environment in our data center.

Your personal information will never be shared, sold or rented without your prior consent or a court order.

This Policy, prepared by Modern Medya Group and Brands, has been prepared in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“KVKK”). “Modern Medya Group and Brands Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy” aims to protect the automatically obtained data of our website visitors, customers, prospective customers, employees, customers and employees of companies working in solution partnership with us, or other persons, and includes regulations regarding these. . Our company has the right to change our Policy and Regulations, provided that it is in compliance with the law and better protection of personal data.

“Personal Information” is information that can be used to identify an individual, such as a person’s name or E-Mail address. Personal information is confidential and “Modern Medya Group and Brands” abide by this confidentiality. Only authorized persons can access personal information within the company. All necessary technical and administrative measures are taken to protect the personal data collected by “Modern Medya Group and Brands” and to prevent it from falling into the hands of unauthorized persons and to prevent our customers and prospective customers from being victims.

The information you provide to us through the forms on our websites or when registering for our newsletter, during the time that Modern Medya Group and Brands serve you, including through your voluntary and optional submissions, will be treated as Personal Information. collected and processed. In case a contractual relationship is established with our customers, personal data is collected and processed as Personal Information without the customer’s consent.

The personal data collected is used to improve and develop the services we provide, to provide an appropriate user experience, to respond to questions and requests, to conduct research and development, and to analyze trends.

In addition to these, your e-mail address can also be used to send information and marketing messages about our product. These messages will not be sent to you when you click on the “Unsubscribe” button present in all messages sent by Modern Medya Group and Brands.

Modern Medya Group and Brands are the sole owner of the information collected on their websites. Unless requested by a court order, your personal information will not be sold, rented or shared with third parties under any circumstances.

We may collect information about your device and your visit to our site, such as your IP address, geographic location, device type, browser type, referrer source, duration of your visit, and number of page views. We may use this information in the management of our Modern Medya Group and Brands sites, to improve the usability of our websites, and for marketing purposes. This information is in no way used for illegal services.

Modern Medya Group and its Brands use technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags and scripts. “Cookies” are small data files containing a string of characters that are sent from our servers to your computer’s browser when our website is accessed. These cookies contain data about remembering your preferences, using the website effectively, optimizing the site to respond to user requests, and how visitors use the site.

Modern Medya Group and Brands use cookies to recognize your browser, track your movement through the website, track the traffic source and measure the success of a particular marketing campaign.

You have the right to choose whether or not to accept cookies. By default most web browsers are set to accept cookies, you can set your browser to issue a warning or reject the cookie. You can also refuse all cookies by closing your browser. You can delete cookies from your browser at any time.

All your personal data that you share with Modern Medya Group and Brands are subject to Article 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data. It will be kept confidential in line with 12 and will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes. Physical, electronic and administrative procedures are implemented to protect and secure the collected information in order to prevent unauthorized access, protect data security and ensure the correct use of information. However, we would like to remind you that no method of transmission over the Internet or any method of electronic storage is 100% secure. When we receive personal information, all necessary and reasonable measures are taken to protect it from unauthorized access, disclosure or alteration. Regarding your personal data, KVKK art. You can fill out our application form and contact us to exercise your rights under 11.

Our sites contain links to other websites whose privacy practices differ according to Modern Medya Group and Brands. If you provide personal information to any of these sites, your information is governed by their Privacy Policies. We recommend that you carefully read the Privacy Policies of all websites you visit.

If you have questions or need more information about our privacy policy, send a message to You can contact us.